5 Reasons You Need Your Entire Team at IFMA's World Workplace

If you want to succeed in facilities management, you can't just hope your team does good things. You need to create their path to their (and your) success. IFMA's World Workplace is where that happens.

Here are 5 reasons your entire team should register for World Workplace today.

#1 You will protect your facility.

Is your team prepared – truly prepared – for emergencies? For cyber attacks?

You don't get a second chance in a real crisis. You need to protect your facility in advance by giving your team expert information from the World Workplace educational sessions and keynotes.


#2 You will make the right technology choices for both now and the future 

How many facilities chose the wrong technology path? How many careers paid a price for that?

IFMA's World Workplace helps your team to future-proof your technology. They will learn about the trends – and how to distinguish hype from lasting technological breakthrough.

#3 You will build operations that eliminate those sleepless nights.

Imagine smoother operations. Fewer headaches. A happier you. 

World Workplace's best-in-class education and peer-to-peer networking is how your team learns to build better operations. They will meet people who have the answers to your facility's toughest problems. These are contacts that will help your team now – and for years to come.

#4 You will reduce costs.

Consider these two facts: 1) On average, cyber attacks cost U.S. enterprises $1.3 million. 2) 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the EPA.

IFMA's World Workplace gives your teams solutions to avoid losses and reduce costs. The potential savings are HUGE compared to the small cost of attending.


#5 You will build your career.

When your team attends IFMA's World Workplace, they will learn to protect your facility, make future-proof technology choices, build better operations, and reduce costs.

You sound like the boss who deserves promotions and better jobs, don't you?

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