Sustainability Efforts

IFMA recognizes that sustainability, resilience and responsible stewardship of the environment is paramount.

As a Green Partner, here’s what we’re doing:

More digital signage

To minimize on using printed signage, we will be utilizing more digital signage throughout our conference and expo.

Less printed materials

This year we will not be printing a full show directory to reduce on using paper materials. Instead, the educational program, exhibitor listings, maps and most event details will be available digitally on our mobile app.

Use of recycled materials

For any printed materials, such as our easels, directional and informational signage, they will be printed on recycled paper and will not use foam core.

Limiting single-use materials

Providing water bottles, attendee bags made from recyclable materials, and compostable catering supplies.

Waste reduction

IFMA will work with Music City Center to divert food waste by donating meals or composting scraps.


IFMA will help the local community by donating excess materials with assistance from Music City Center for proper donation procedures.

Building greener experiences at World Workplace Expo

Our event and expo teams are also working closely with our General Service Contractor (GSC), Freeman to build a greener experience at our World Workplace Expo with carpet, graphics, booths, rental furniture, A/V equipment, the overall show floor and transportation.

Learn more about how Freeman is going eco-friendly onsite at World Workplace.

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Offset your air travel carbon footprint

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is simply a way for individuals or organizations, in this case airline passengers to “neutralize” their proportion of an aircraft’s carbon emissions on a particular journey by investing in carbon reduction projects.

Most US airlines have committed to neutralize their carbon footprint by 2050. as passengers become more concerned about the carbon emissions associated with their travel, airlines are now offering customers an opportunity to get involved.

Attendees interested in air carbon offsetting can visit the below US air carrier’s websites to learn how they can offset their carbon footprint during air travel.

Carbon offset programs

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

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