​Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote Speaker

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom

Josh Linkner

Harnessing Innovation: Turning Raw Ideas Into Powerful Results

Josh Linkner, Tech Entrepreneur & Investor, Best-selling Author and Weekly Contributor to Inc. Magazine, Forbes & the Detroit Free Press

As the founder and CEO of four tech companies, Josh Linkner built his businesses from a blank page into a combined value of over US$200 million. As a hyper-growth CEO, he has used innovative approaches to topple competitors, fight through adversity and achieve at the highest levels.

Josh has observed thousands of companies generate creative buzz and big ideas; but how is it that some harness their imagination to create game-changing drivers of growth and innovation, while others miss the mark? The best companies have a systematic process to focus their team’s creativity into practical outputs.

Also a jazz guitarist, Josh blends the improvisational qualities of a jazz ensemble with bleeding-edgebusiness savvy to bring a completely fresh perspective on unleashing creativity in the organization. Gain practical tools that can be used immediately to increase creative output and deliver bottom-line results. Learn how to:

  • Use specific techniques to harness your most powerful ideas;
  • Apply creativity on a daily basis across all business activities and roles;
  • Break free from the three biggest blockers of creativity;
  • Apply best practices from the world’s most innovative companies;
  • Avoid the five biggest creativity killers;
  • Master three powerful brainstorming techniques;
  • Build a culture that celebrates fresh thinking and embraces new ideas.

Josh is on a mission to help people and organizations unleash creativity to maximize full potential. In addition to his own startups, Josh has been involved with the launch, growth or financing of over 100 companies. He has mentored leaders and entrepreneurs through the struggles of explosive growth. He is the founding partner of Detroit Venture Partners, investing in tech startups as a platform to help rebuild his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. As the founder and CEO of ePrize, Josh built the largest digital promotions agency in the world, serving 74 of the top 100 brands. Josh has written two New York Times bestselling books: “Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity,” and “The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation.”

Josh Linker BookBook ​Signing

On the Expo Floor
"The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation"

Closing Keynote Speaker

Friday, Oct. 9, 2015
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom

Neil Pasricha“The 3 A’s of Awesome: How to Be Awesome at Work!”

Neil Pasricha, Happiness Expert & Bestselling Author of “The Book of Awesome”

New York Times bestselling author, award-winning blogger and popular TED speaker, Neil Pasricha has been described as “a pied piper of happiness,” dazzling audiences with ideas and frameworks that launch happiness into the stratosphere.

With infectious enthusiasm, heartfelt authenticity and a “what’s worked” authority, Pasricha challenges individuals to elevate expectations of themselves and commit to the habit of happiness every day. In this dynamic, interactive general session, he will share recent breakthroughs in the study of happiness, inspiring us to hit our full potential.

In his twenties, Pasricha partnered with Harvard University to design one of the first global leadership development programs inside a Fortune 10 company. As a management consultant, he advised Fortune 50 companies on top-level leadership strategies. Today, he travels around the world sharing messages on happiness to Fortune 500 companies, schools and non-profits. He has addressed Ivy League deans and CEOs at companies such as Audi, Abbot and GE, presenting models that enhance individual performance and create a more positive and productive workplace.

Pasricha draws on his leadership development background to provide inspiration and tools to generate ideas, stimulate productivity and unlock potential. Blending positive psychology trends and strategic frameworks with a contagious passion for workplace happiness, he has received praise from CNN, BBC, The Today Show and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Pasricha’s first book, “The Book of Awesome,” is an international bestseller; and his much-anticipated follow-up, “The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything,” will be published next year.

thebookofevenmoreawesomeThe_Book_of_AwesomeBook Signing

Mile High Ballroom Foyer
"The Book of Awesome" &
"The Book of Even More Awesome"

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