Make a strong business case for attending World Workplace.

Whether you’re requesting financial support or approval for time off, the following information and templates will assist you in convincing your boss that your attendance at IFMA’s World Workplace is a must — both for you and the organization.

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Top 5 Benefits for Facility/Workplace Professionals:

  1. Assimilate quality information. Find out what’s on trend and on the horizon for your profession from the globally recognized resource for facility management.
  2. Take away more for less. Acquire more information, best practices, strategies and professional contacts in less time and at a lower cost than searching for answers yourself.
  3. Customize your training. Identify sessions applicable to your job and tailor a learning agenda directly related to your professional responsibilities, goals and challenges.
  4. Return to your office with answers. Take away realistic techniques that can be put into practice immediately; bring proven methods back to the office for discussion or implementation.
  5. Enhance your value. Learn how to drive innovation and lead change to advance the business you support; ensure that you’re a part of C-suite conversations, linking the role of the facility to core business strategies.

Top 5 Benefits for Employers:

  1. Save time, money and ongoing setbacks. Three days at World Workplace equates to about 1.2% of your FM’s work year — a small investment to ensure that your team has reliable, relevant, real-world information from the globally recognized resource for facility management.
  2. See a measurable boost in operational efficiencies. Sessions focus on practical application, not theory. Your FM team will gain action plans and field-tested strategies for heightening facility performance and increasing employee productivity through a better work environment.
  3. Recognize a noticeable improvement in employee performance. Your FM team can identify sessions directly related to their responsibilities, goals and challenges, and return to the office with solutions, strategies and renewed inspiration.
  4. Gain an assurance of excellence in the management of your facility. Minimize risks and maintain competitiveness by supporting the continuing education of your FM team. Topic experts will bring them up-to-date on workplace trends, industry standards, government mandates and the latest technologies.
  5. Welcome better products and practices in your workplace. Status quo not cutting it? Your FM team can engage with colleagues to compare processes and programs; and they can see hundreds of products and services from the leading names in facility-related solutions.
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