Facility Tours

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
1 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Take full advantage of your time in New Orleans—add one of the following behind-the-scenes tours to your World Workplace registration. Each tour is US$20 per person. Select from state-of-the-art research, airport, military and sports facilities.

Tours include front- and back-of-house areas and are guided by facility staff who will provide insight into project initiatives, sustainable/energy-efficient features, building upgrades, strategic space planning, innovative technologies and daily operations.

Day-of Tour Information: All tour registrants will need to check-in with registration prior to the tour to receive their badge and tour ticket. Registration opens at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Tours will begin lining up at 12:40 p.m. near registration. All tours will use shuttle transportation to the tour location and back to the convention center. 

New Orleans BioInnovation Center & Louisiana Cancer Research Center

Maximum: 50 Participants

Part 1 - BioInnovation Center: A 66,000 square foot wet-lab business incubator that contains wet-lab space, stand-alone offices and meeting/conference space, the New Orleans BioInnovation Center also contains lab/office space that can be leased by existing or expanding biotechnology companies with university relationships. The facility caters to a broad range of companies, from pre-startups and start-ups, to maturing and expanding businesses. With more than 35 tenants, BioInnovation Center employees work together to enhance the local life science community. Operating within local universities and the community at large, student interns and graduate fellows work in teams to establish the market potential of world-class research technologies.

Part 2 - Louisiana Cancer Research Center: In 2001, the Louisiana legislature committed more than US$250 million to foster the highest level of cancer research, education and care in the state. The legislature guided the development of the Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC), a public/private partnership between the State of Louisiana and its two leading academic health sciences centers. LCRC provides an umbrella for the work of the consortium. Its primary mission is to conduct research and promote education in the diagnosis, detection and treatment of cancer. The new 10-story, state-of-the-art US$102 million research facility is part of the LCRC’s plan to compete for National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation. The facility contains 180,000 square feet of lab office and meeting room space. Geared toward leveraging the strengths of its four research partners, this collaborative work environment is the cornerstone of what will be a progressive biomedical corridor.

New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Maximum: 50 Participants

In 1934, more than 10,000 visitors attended the dedication of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport. Built at a cost of US$4.5 million, it was to be “the Air Hub of the Americas.” The field was considered the standard for the times, and the Art Deco terminal was an architectural and aesthetic wonder. When Hurricane Katrina pushed Lake Pontchartrain waters inland, the building took on four feet of water and sustained wholesale damage. Lakefront Airport was recently renovated to its original 1930s condition, making it one of the few Art Deco airport terminals left in the U.S. It has been featured in a number of motion pictures, including “Ray,” “The Green Hornet” and “The Client.” Its three new runways serve private, corporate, military and commercial carrier aircraft. Tour guests will marvel at the beauty of this significant renovation project. Observe how aircraft, crews and passengers receive services when they visit New Orleans.

Federal City

Maximum: 50 Participants

**Registration will cut off on June 16, 2014.

All international tour registrants must provide a copy of your passport to attend the tour. You will be contact 90 days prior to gather this information.

Federal City offers a national model for the future configuration and operation of small- to mid-sized Dept. of Defense installations. The goal is to create state-of-the-art facilities that will attract thousands of federal and private sector workers over the next 15 years. Federal City will provide tenants with energy-efficient facilities and the latest hurricane and flood protection standards. The installation will feature various levels of security for both high-level military and lower-level federal or civilian tenants. With smart “zone-based” master planning, Federal City will provide a highly desirable place to live, work and train, enhancing the quality of life for military personnel and civilian employees. Support functions include single-person housing, a child care center, food services, athletic and recreational facilities.

17th Street Interim Closure Structure and Permanent Pumps Complex and Bonnet Carre Spillway

*Registration will cut off July 18, 2014.
All international tour registrants must provide a copy of their passport to attend the tour.  You will contacted 60 days prior to gather this information.

Maximum: 75 Participants

U.S. Congress has fully authorized and funded the Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System for Southeast Louisiana. The US$14.45 billion system includes five parishes and consists of 350 miles of levees and floodwalls, 73 non-federal pumping stations, three canal closure structures with pumps, and four gated outlets. There are three main drainage outfall canals in New Orleans—a critical element of the city’s flood control system, the canals serve as drainage conduits for much of the city. Following Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers constructed interim closure structures at the mouths of the three outfall canals to provide a 100-year level of storm-surge risk reduction. These structures were completed prior to the 2006 hurricane season at a cost of approximately US$400 million. Learn about the project and visit the 17th Street Canal—extending 13,500 feet from Pump Station 6 to Lake Pontchartrain, it consists of 18 hydraulic pumps, 11 direct drive pumps, 14 bridge pumps, and has a pumping capacity of 9,200 cubic feet per second.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Maximum: 30 Participants

Since opening in 1975, the Superdome has hosted myriad events. Significant upgrades and enhancements ensure that the venue will remain a viable contender to secure prominent national and international events for many years to come. Tour guests will be led through front- and back-of-house areas of the Superdome, learning about the history of the building, upgrades, heating/cooling mechanisms and IT capabilities. The tour will include a walk on the Saints Turf (depending on the event schedule*) and breathtaking views from the press box.

*All participants must have a state issued ID or driver's license.