The Educator Award



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About this Award

The Educator Award recognizes excellence in developing curriculum and instructing students in subjects related to facility management at a college, university or institute. The recipient will have gained prominence in his or her field through activities such as writing and publishing papers, making presentations to professional organizations, mentoring an IFMA student chapter and overall teaching quality. The judging panel will consist an IFMA staff person and four IFMA champions.

The nominees may be specific academic institutions or full-time faculty members of academic institutions. Individual nominees must have been members of IFMA for at least the past year and must have held an academic position in a college, university or institute facility management program for at least a full academic year.

Criteria & Scoring

Judges score entries based on the following criteria and point guidance. Learn more »

  1. Submit details of the facility management program and description of courses offered through the college, university or institute. Furnish enrollment and graduate statistics, etc. If the nominee is a full-time faculty member, what role has he or she played in the development of the program, the curriculum and promotion of the program? (0-20 pts)
  2. Describe any research programs or juried publications produced by the nominee (full-time faculty member or academic institution). Furnish a copy of the latest research or juried publication. (0-20 pts)
  3. Has the nominee (full-time faculty member or academic institution) been active in presenting information to professional organizations? If so, describe topics, dates of presentations and audiences. (0-20 pts)
  4. How has the nominee (full-time faculty or academic institution) contributed to the success of the students’ future in facility management (i.e., advised IFMA student chapter, established internships with corporations, etc.) (0-20 pts)
  5. How is the nominee’s (full-time faculty or academic institution) effectiveness and quality measured? Submit documents to quantify measurement. (0-20 pts)

Additional Information

Specific requirements for the Educator Award:

  • Nominator must be an IFMA member in good standing (dues current).
  • Nominee may be an academic institution or full-time faculty member of academic institution.
  • Individual nominee must have been a member of IFMA for at least the past year. Academic institution nominee must have at least one IFMA member as full-time faculty.
  • Individual nominee must have held an academic position in a college, university or institute facility management program for at least a full academic year.
  • List all faculty in the facility management program, curriculum vitae and courses listed in curriculum if nominee is academic institution.
  • If nominee academic institution is not an IFMA recognized program (or application is not currently pending approval) submit full details of the facility management program.

General Information

  • Nominations are scored on content only, not creative presentation of the submission.
  • The submission covers activities from May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.
  • Submission forms are PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader
  • Submission form information should be typed or computer-generated within the PDF form.
  • All answers are limited to one page (500 words).
  • Please limit exhibits to five file attachments unless specifically stated otherwise in the award category.
  • Please be sure to email the completed submission form and exhibit files as email attachments to
  • Exhibits, such as booklets, pictures, are an important part of this submission.
  • All questions on the nomination form should be completed as requested.
  • Authorization should be made digitally on the PDF form.
  • Deadline for receipt of nomination to IFMA is May 12, 2014.