The Sheila Sheridan Award
for Sustainable Facility Operations and Management


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Past Winners

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Facilities Team

About this Award

This award recognizes an individual or team that demonstrates an outstanding example of strategic, sustainable operations and management that has led to successful tactical and operational adjustments in the management of a facility including: stakeholder engagement, overall performance, energy efficiency, innovation, audits and reporting, and long-term solutions for facility management success. This award encourages, rewards and recognizes leadership, innovation and excellence in environmentally responsible and sustainable building operations and management.

The recipient(s) will demonstrate how their facility management program or idea has had a substantial and positive effect on the success of their organization’s environmental and/or sustainability effectiveness.

The judging panel will consist of the seven distinguished IFMA members.

Any IFMA member in good standing, who has taken a significant role in the project, can submit an entry. Submitters can work with other, non-IFMA members in preparing the entry package. At least one member of the team must have been a Member or Associate member of IFMA for at least one year.

Criteria & Scoring

Judges score entries based on the following criteria and point guidance. Learn more »

  1. What was the initial reason(s) for implementing sustainable practices in this facility? How did this project either support or help drive the organization’s sustainability objectives? (0-10 pts.)
  2. Describe the facility management sustainability strategic plan. How was it developed and communicated to stakeholders and how does it integrate into the overall organizational strategic plan? What has been done to ensure that sustainable facility operations will be successful over time? (0-10 pts.)
  3. Has a sustainability audit been performed? What was the scope for the audit? How was the audit conducted? What gaps in operations were found? How will these gaps be addressed and what were the lessons learned? (0- 5 pts.)
  4. How is sustainability performance measured and reported? (0-10 pts.)
  5. What significant steps were taken to minimize facility operations on the environment? (0-15 pts.)
  6. Describe significant improvements implemented to provide for the health and well-being of employees, residents and visitors? (0-10 pts.)
  7. Describe efforts to achieve consensus from all stakeholders of the organization. Describe the program of engagement, education, promotion, enlistment of allies at facility level, employee level and the community. What has been successful in this endeavor? (0-5 pts.)
  8. Describe financial value and project success. How did the cost of implementation compare to projected savings? Was the goal realized in the completion of the project? What were the best practices realized? (0-10 pts.)
  9. Overall Evaluation (0-15 pts.)
  10. EXHIBITS SUPPORTING ACHIEVEMENT: (0-15 points distributed with respect to Scope of exhibits [extent to which all areas requiring support receive support]; Relevance [extent to which exhibits are on target]; Adequacy [overall strength of support where support is needed]).

Additional Information

Specific requirements for the Sustainable Design and Energy Efficient Award:

  • Nominator must be an IFMA member in good standing.
  • Nominee, or at least one member of a team nominated, must be an IFMA member (Member or Associate) in good standing for at least a year.

General Information

  • Nominations are scored on content only, not creative presentation of the submission.
  • The submission covers activities from May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013.
  • Submission forms are PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader
  • Submission form information should be typed or computer-generated within the PDF form.
  • Please be sure to email the coimpleted submission form and exhibit files as atachemnts to an email to
  • Exhibits, such as booklets, pictures, are an important part of this submission.
  • All questions on the nomination form should be completed as requested.
  • Authorization should be made digitally on the PDF form.
  • Deadline for receipt of nomination at IFMA is May 12, 2014..