The George Graves Award for
Facility Management Achievement


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About this Award

This award is presented to the individual or team whose facility management program or idea has had a substantial, positive effect on the success of their organization. The recipient(s) will demonstrate how their program has affected business objectives and contributed to improved financial success. The award winner(s) will demonstrate innovation, and their achievements will be used to educate other facility management professionals. The judging panel will consist of the previous winner of this award and six additional IFMA members.

Eligibility: Any exceptional facility management program or technically-oriented project is eligible. This award is intended to honor those who achieve “above and beyond” the normal scope of job responsibilities. Entries should fall within at least one of the following categories:

  • Communication skills;
  • Leadership and management;
  • Finance;
  • Human and environmental factors;
  • Maintenance and operations;
  • Planning and project management;
  • Quality assessment and innovation;
  • Real estate; or

Individual nominees must be Members or Associate members of IFMA for at least one year. If a team is represented, at least one member of the team must have been a Member or Associate member of IFMA for at least one year.

Criteria & Scoring

Judges score entries based on the following criteria and point guidance. Learn more »

  1. Describe the nature of the facility management program or idea nominated for this award. Include detailed information that will demonstrate how this idea or program shows measurable improvement over past activities. (0-20 pts.)
  2. Describe the breadth of the impact of this project (how many people use, benefit from, etc.). (0-10 pts.)
  3. How has this program supported the business objectives of the company or organization? (0-10 pts.)
  4. What financial benefits have resulted from this idea or program? (0-10 pts.)
  5. Has this program or idea gained recognition throughout the company or organization? If so, explain how (show impact on clients, organizations, etc.). (0-10 pts.)
  6. What has been the impact/improvement to the organization as a direct result of this program over time? (provide historical data, trends, multi-year cost performance, prior year satisfaction surveys, etc.). (0-10 pts.)
  7. What audit procedures are in place to assure continued excellence by the nominee company? (0-10 pts.)
  8. Overall evaluation of entry. (0-10 pts.)
  9. EXHIBITS SUPPORTING ACHIEVEMENT: (0-10 points distributed with respect to Scope of exhibits [extent to which all areas requiring support receive support]; Relevance [extent to which exhibits are on target]; Adequacy [overall strength of support where support is needed]). (0-10 pts..)

Additional Information

Specific requirements for the Facility Management Achievement Award:

  • Nominator must be an IFMA member in good standing (dues current).
  • Nominee, or at least one member of a team nominated, must be an IFMA member (Member or Associate) in good standing for at least a year.
  • Nomination should fall within one of the nine categories listed.
  • Nominee may not have won this category of Awards of Excellence in 2012 or 2013

General Information

  • Nominations are scored on content only, not creative presentation of the submission.
  • The submission covers activities from May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.
  • Submission forms are PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader
  • Submission form information should be typed or computer-generated within the PDF form.
  • Please be sure to email the completed submission form and exhibit files as email attachments to
  • Exhibits, such as booklets and pictures, are an important part of this submission and should be submitted as PDF documents. Limit exhibits to five documents.
  • All questions on the nomination form should be completed as requested.
  • Authorization should be made digitally on the PDF form.
  • Deadline for receipt of nomination at IFMA headquarters is May 12, 2014.