The Chapter Award of Excellence
in Professional Development


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Past Winners

Silicon Valley Chapter

About this Award

The Chapter Award of Excellence in Professional Development is presented to the IFMA chapter(s) demonstrating exceptional support of professional development in their facility management community. The chapter(s) receiving this award consistently presents outstanding programs designed to meet the needs of professional members, provides career support services to its membership, supplements monthly programs with seminars or classes taught through local colleges or universities and champions CFM, FMP and SFP certifications. The judging panel will consist of an IFMA staff person, three IFMA champions and an IFMA member who has experience in a chapter leadership position.

Chapters must be in good standing with IFMA. A chapter that has won this award within the past two years is ineligible to participate.

Criteria & Scoring

Judges score entries based on the following criteria and point guidance. Learn more »

  1. Describe the chapter’s overall strategy for professional development for its members. How is this strategy tied into the chapter’s strategic plan? Explain the committee organization in place to execute the chapter professional development strategy. (0-10 pts.)
  2. Describe the chapter’s overall strategy for chapter programs. Include how topics and speakers are chosen and how monthly meetings are publicized. Describe procedures for conducting successful chapter programs. Given the chapter’s size, how successful have the programs been in attracting attendees to monthly meetings? Does the chapter promote their programs as being eligible for Certified Facility Manager maintenance points? Are members satisfied with the chapter’s educational offerings? Use meeting evaluation and survey data to support your answers. (0-10 pts.)
  3. In addition to monthly programs, describe other educational activities sponsored by the chapter. Describe partnership initiatives or other unique methods used to bring programs to your chapter. Include frequency of these activities, content, presenter selection, attendance data, degree of success, etc. (0-10 pts.)
  4. Does the chapter actively support continuing education for its members by partnering with academic institutions or involvement in developing facility management courses at the local level? Describe the programs offered. What is the attendance rate? (0-10 pts.)
  5. If educational activities involved fees, how has the revenue been used? If you do not charge meeting fees, explain how activities are funded. Explain your pricing strategy (do you charge for nonmembers, allow nonmembers to attend one meeting free, etc.) (0-10 pts.)
  6. How does the chapter communicate educational information to members unable to attend either monthly meetings or seminars? (0-10 pts.)
  7. Describe the chapter’s effort in encouraging members to become Certified Facility Managers (CFMs) or Facility Management Professionals (FMPs). Does the chapter have a champion to lead this endeavor? Does the chapter have a CFM study group? Have you hosted IFMA’s CFM Exam Prep Workshop? How does the chapter measure the success rate of preparation? Has the chapter marketed IFMA’s FMP and SFP to Associate members specifically? In general, how are IFMA’s designations marketed to chapter members? Include percentage of total Professional members who are presently CFMs. Include percentage total of membership that are FMPs or SFPs. (0-10 pts.)
  8. Does the chapter assist members searching for positions or member companies searching for facility management professionals? Describe the various services available to the membership. Does the chapter measure the success rate of positions filled or jobs found? How does the chapter build its database of resumes and positions? Does the chapter have a position or committee chair specifically assigned to these responsibilities? (0-10 pts.)
  9. Has the chapter developed opportunities to share the knowledge and expertise of its members with those in the profession who are not members, or with high school or college students or other agencies? Describe the manner in which this is done. (0-10 pts

Programming Matrix (0-10 pts.).

Additional Information

Specific requirements for the Chapter Award of Excellence in Professional Development:

  • Nominator must be an IFMA member in good standing (dues current).
  • Chapter must be recertified for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.

General Information

  • Nominations are scored on content only, not creative presentation of the submission.
  • The submission covers activities from May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.
  • Submission forms are PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader
  • Submission form information should be typed or computer-generated within the PDF form.
  • Please be sure to email the completed submission form and exhibit files as email attachments to
  • Please limit exhibits to five file attachments.
  • Exhibits, such as booklets, pictures, are an important part of this submission.
  • All questions on the nomination form should be completed as requested. All answers are limited to one page (500 words).
  • Authorization should be made digitally on the PDF form.
  • Deadline for receipt of nomination to IFMA is May 12, 2014.