The Distinguished Author Award
Book or Instructional Material


Please contact IFMA Awards of Excellence by e-mail at, or by phone at 281-974-5624, if you have any questions.

Past Winners

Dr. Sharon Jaye, D.Ed., SFP
Nancy Sanquist, IFMA Fellow
Diane Coles Levine

About this Award

The Distinguished Author Awards may be presented in three distinct categories:

  • To honor the author of a specific article or research paper that raises facility managers’ and/or the general public’s awareness of a subject important to the facility management profession and/or the built environment.
  • To honor the author and recognize the publisher of a book on current topic(s) relevant to facility management and/or the built environment or the the developer of instructional materials for facility management students and practitioners.
  • To honor the author of web and social media relevant to facility management.

The judging panel will consist of and IFMA staff member and four IFMA champions.

Books or instructional materials must have been published in 2012, 2013 or 2014. Articles or papers must be in English or an English translation must be made available. Nominees may be facility management professionals, educators, researchers or professionals in other disciplines who have been associated with the facility management profession for at least five years but not necessarily as an IFMA member. Members of IFMA’s current board of directors and their companies or institutions are not eligible. An eligible author may win in more than one category in the same year. Submissions are to contain only one article or research paper. A nominee’s other publications may be listed in question 2, but are not to be included in the submission. Judges only rate one article or research paper per submission.



Criteria & Scoring

Judges score entries based on the following criteria and point guidance. Learn more »

  1. Provide background on the nominee and tell how the submitted materials benefit professionals working in the built environment. Describe the nominee’s motivation for creating and developing this material. (0-25 pts.)
  2. Describe the nominee’s purpose or objective. Are the materials educational or informational? Who is the intended audience for this material? (We recommend that the nominee participate in preparing this explanation.) (0-25 pts.)
  3. A: (If Entry is a Book) What is the target market for this book (i.e., trade, design, general public and research) and its geographic distribution (i.e., North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America)? How is the book distributed (i.e., by country, through trade publications, public access bookstores, online bookstores, Web access)? For all questions, give specifics such as naming the stores, distributors or trade outlets. How has it been received by the market (provide testimonials, reviews, etc.)? (0-25 pts.) B: (If Entry is Instructional Materials) How and where have the instructional materials been used? List the institutions, colleges, companies, etc. where the materials have been used and the number of participants. What was the method of delivery (i.e., face-to-face, electronic, combination, etc.)? How was it received by the students (survey results, testimonials) (0-25 pts.)
  4. What facility management principles, concepts or innovations does the material describe or promote. How does the material raise the stature of IFMA and the facility management profession? (0-25 pts.)

Additional Information

Specific requirements for the Distinguished Author Award — Book or Instructional Material:

  • IFMA defines a "book" as a text that is printed and bound or in electronic format (with illustrations). Regardless of format (paper or electronic) the text is to present a consistent point of view and an original set of thoughts relevant to the profession of facility management. Reference books and how-to manuals, which appear to be "books," may not qualify if they are simply a set of steps, lists or tables without presentation of rationale and supported by qualified research or experience. A clear literary style and a high level of authorship is sought. The publication's presentation (i.e., printing, binding, screen layout, quantity and quality of illustrations) should be of high quality intended for a shelf life of more than three years.
  • Nominator must be an IFMA member in good standing (dues current).
  • Nominee (if instructional materials) may be facility management professionals, educators, researchers or professionals in other disciplines who have been associated with the facility management profession for at least five years.
  • Book copyright must be 2011, 2012 or 2013.
  • Instructional materials must have been applied or presented between 2010 and 2013.
  • Book or instructional material must be in English or an English translation must be made available.
  • Please supply seven complete copies of the book or instructional materials for distribution to the judging panel preferably in an e-file format if available, if not please mail to IFMA at 800 Gessner, Ste 900 Houston, TX 77024.

General Information

  • Nominations are scored on content only, not creative presentation of the submission.
  • The submission covers activities from May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014.
  • Submission forms are PDF documents. Get Adobe Reader
  • Submission form information should be typed or computer-generated within the PDF form.
  • All answers are limited to one page (500 words).
  • Please limit exhibits to five file attachments unless specifically stated otherwise in the award category.
  • Please be sure to email the completed submission form and exhibit files as email attachments to
  • Exhibits, such as booklets, pictures, are an important part of this submission.
  • All questions on the nomination form should be completed as requested.
  • Authorization should be made digitally on the PDF form.
  • Deadline for receipt of nomination to IFMA is May 12, 2014.