Convince Your Boss

Why Attend

IFMA’s World Workplace delivers the most well-rounded professional development experience for facility management. While you understand the benefits of attending, your employer may not.

Whether you’re requesting financial support or approval for time off, the following information and templates will assist you in making a strong business case for attending World Workplace.

Download a letter template to request support from your supervisor/employer »

Download the ROI Worksheet to prepare a post-event report for your supervisor/employer »

World Workplace benefits the individual and the organization.

Communicate the value of the investment or time away from the office in terms that are important to business executives:

  • Focus on what your organization will gain as a result of your attendance.
    • The latest best practices for improving operational efficiency.
    • Action plans for heightening facility performance.
    • Field-tested strategies for increasing employee productivity through a better work environment.
    • Concrete solutions to real-world issues that can be applied immediately.
    • A valuable list of contacts you can call on for advice.
    • Handouts and information that can be shared with fellow staff members.
  • List sessions directly related to current facility challenges, overall business objectives and your professional goals.
  • Justify the expense by outlining the time and money saved with the introduction of better practices and products in your workplace.
  • Emphasize the benefits of comparing processes and programs with other professionals who have dealt with similar facility issues.
  • Stress the importance of keeping up with industry trends and standards, government mandates and advancing technologies to remain competitive.
  • Point out that supporting your continuing education ensures that the facility is being managed by an informed and prepared professional.

If your employer is concerned about the expense, explain why World Workplace is worth the cost:

  • Hosted by the association dedicated to the advancement of FM, the registration fee is comparable to the quality of the learning and networking experience.
  • Full Event registration is an all-access pass. You’ll hear a number of excellent speakers, see hundreds of products and services, and gain a wealth of information in one place, for one price.
  • If you’re an IFMA member, you receive a significant discount.
  • If you’re a nonmember, Full Event registration includes one year of complimentary IFMA base and local chapter membership, giving you access to the association’s vast career-enhancing, problem-solving and network-building resources.

If your employer is hesitant about your absence, explain why World Workplace is worth the time:

  • Three days at World Workplace equates to about 1.2% of your work year, which is nothing compared to the amount of wasted time, redundant efforts and unnecessary frustration that stem from a lack of relevant, reliable information.
  • World Workplace programming is so comprehensive, you only need to attend this single continuing education event to stay current.